What are virtual machines and how to create them?

I know for sure and we’ll talk about it in detail at that time but uh it would be really good if you’re if you guys are creating any virtual machines or any kind of resources right Just try to click on the security center and uh try to see how you are Um how the health of the source that you have created is ah And then it will also have some recommendations and try to play around with it Like can you do something for those recommendations and John to do so It’s very straightforward.

If you are doing a V ums you can just go to computer and APS and within computer And Epps, it has Ah vehement Sarah Worse and GM Skillset and so on So I’m restrict restricting it to Williams for now because I know a spot off Ah for streak you might have created only bees Or maybe you know after service is because that was also there But then once you go wood here this is over you But you can select a particular.

When you can click on it Ah you conduct particular the source and then it will have its own recommendation list Try to read through So these are the things which will I don’t so much to your knowledge you will start One is getting the high-level understanding But then if you try to do this kind of small activities it will I don’t do some of the very you know detail concept to you Like it’s fine Of’em can Anybody can create of’em But what are the specific things I should take care.

When I’m creating the William Let’s take this example This is a disc Encryption should be applied on the virtual machine Now this is a very high one Liberty it might sound very obvious But when you were creating a V EMS how many of you thought about it So these are very small concepts or constructs rather not even concepts But if you just go through them it will really help you to ensure that when you’re creating a solution for any enterprise or something you have those things in your mind So uh that that was around the portal And then uh I also want to talk about another thing that was part of frequent That is our ex You’re saying designs Ah specific to as your cloud And that’s I mean there is no specific target lecture designed for as your cloud.

It is always a distributed architecture that you create And then in that distributed our protection you will put in the service is which are specific to azure so components could be specific to Asia But when it comes to your design and you’re our connection ah it mostly be designed from a mindset off are distributed system And before I start there, anyone, off you have any questions from your and on the ah re lectures or designs on the distributive applications or for a sure that for that my trip I put it that Let me try to share oaths trending a mystery An article with you guys I personally like the Lord and I mostly recommended in all the trimmings Okay.

So let me for sports Ah I’ll walk you through it and then I’ll put it in the sun One thing it gives you it gives through eight of us to Edger’s service comparison which is one part off it wearing it has 121 When I say comparison it’s not like pros and cons At least it gives you what is the name of a service in aid of Lewis and warders a counterpart service in Azure And then it has links So you can always click on the link and it will take you that detail off that individual service.

This is one place where you can find that 1 to 1 mapping But uh the reason I open this is specifically from the architecture perspective and in this one you will find reference architectures And in the reference architectures it will have things for high compute It will have a thing for Ah big data So all different kind of scenarios are mostly covered It also has this are really different architectures styles and guide So if you’re doing if you’re scenario is around big compute big data even driven microservice So these are all the different.

If I click on microservice it will talk to you Ah it will tell you what specifically is What are the benefits challenges and the best practices So all that thing is there Ah at the end there was When you go to the last section which is under technologies it will list most of the azure technologies And when you click on any of them there again you have real friends are reduction for that particular technology So if you see if I could go on the area in machine learning now inside a in machine learning it has again the difference Architecture saying there again you have subsections.

You can This is a very very uh powerful document just lore of good insights But the best part I like about it is and which is very very practical like I have ah at least personally Ah free state A lot of friends Let me see Where is that Which is about and pattern So when we develop their distributed applications right it’s ah so easy to miss out on those things And they are very nicely captured over here The decision Trees Also here Only the one that I was talking about right Ah technology choices.

How do you decide which one to choose So this is a decision Tree where And you have all the computes and then you start the best on your requirement You should be able to arrive at a part of your service I’m not saying that you should always just apply this but you should at least try it out based on whatever choice you have made that Okay if I’m if it is something which is coming similar with this particle flow Essel So you have this further data Esther also was in Ah choose the right data store for the rest Are also I’ll give us very similar our tree in this one.

It talks about east defended a store and in detail How do you said Where do you send It’s sitting somewhere Well I’ll find it outlet you know in the next one But I think if you will also browse you will find it I forward the exact um title for that one But it is about fort Are the ah NT patterns when you are building a distributed application and that is um very very important especially And it’s not specific that these are Alexis styles patterns and departments They are not specific to azure.

They are whether you’re building on eight of Louis G C p all as your or even on Prem distributed application These concepts are equally applicable in all those scenarios So when you go through at least that design principles and our reduction I grands ah keep your mind open in themself That’s not something as your special What is that you’re a specific do is when you come to one of these even air Like for example If I goto Internet of things nowhere I say ah difference our direction.

In this reference our prediction The azure is specific Tings are ah the function of the cosmos treaty These areas you’re respectful components But if I have to build a similar idea reference Our director for AWS The things I’m in these service says well a chance to aws service is or what also can happen is maybe eight of us provides a combination of a stream processing cosmos Libyan storage bill Hypothetically So this complete three blocks might translate into one single rope but conceptually thinks more or less remains the same Okay this is a layer where a high volume of data has to come So I have to use something which can have high throughput.

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