Dhirubhai Ambani’s relationship with many men of this daughter-in-law

Everyone knows India’s biggest businessman Mukesh Ambani today, he has billions of assets today. Today people also respect him. Talking about Mukesh Ambani’s personal life, his father’s name is Dhirubhai Ambani and his younger brother’s name is Anil Ambani. Often Mukesh Ambani’s family remains in the headlines on social media, if we talk about it recently, one such thing has come to know about his family in the media, knowing about which you will definitely be surprised, that is why there is a lot of discussion about his family. Huh. It is being told that the relationship of Ambani ji’s wife was with many people i.e. with many men. Next, we will tell you in this article, who are these people, with whom they have had a relationship.

Mukesh Ambani ji is the owner of India’s largest company Reliance and for this reason he is known all over India today and not only this, Mukesh Ambani ji is the richest person in India. Recently, this family is in a lot of discussion, and remains in the headlines in the media. The reason behind this is that Dhirubhai has been in a relationship with many men of Ambani’s daughter-in-law. Bollywood’s famous actors Sanjay Dutt and Rajesh Khanna are also in the list of these men. According to sources, Ambani’s wife wanted to marry him but it could not happen. Let’s know who is this Ambani wife, who has had a relationship with many men.

Today we are talking about Dhirubhai Ambani’s daughter-in-law i.e. Anil Ambani’s wife, who has been in a lot of headlines recently. According to sources, Anil Ambani’s wife Tina Ambani has had relationships with many men. These include many big names, such as Bollywood actors Rajesh Khanna and Sanjay Dutt. Let us tell you for information, Tina Ambani was in love with Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and also wanted to get married, but she distanced herself from Sanjay Dutt’s bad habits. Then Rajesh Khanna also came in Tina Ambani’s life, then with time both of them also parted their way. Then Tina fell in love with Anil Ambani and both tied the knot.

Dhirubhai Ambani’s relationship with many men of this daughter-in-law

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