How does an AWS server work?

When you say and on reminding instance it is that instance that is available on-demand It is available anytime you want it But it comes at a higher price Is just like renting a hotel room right You visit a new city and you rent a hotel room so that what you do is you get whatever I mean You go there you’ll just demand something You’ll pick a hotel room whatever you want and you’ll take that right So this could be cost thereby because you’re doing it on the spot Not on this part but the mind right Next is your dedicated instance So dedicated instance is an instance that is dedicated for a particular kind of application Okay so you are a user and you say that I have a particular set of applications that I need to run And I want this instance that is available only for my requirements In that case you go for a dedicated in starts reserved instance.

It’s just like reserving your hotel at once Right You know you’re visiting Maybe go are maybe more leaves or something like that right So you know you’re working there for four days and these other days that you’re gonna visit them so you reserve those hotels in at once so you get those at a cheaper price So same is with reserved instances You know that you’re going to need these many instances what this duration so you’ll book them in advance.

They come to you at a cheaper price Why Because you’re reserving them in advance and for a longer duration on sport Not this is like bidding on something where Let’s assume that you have an activity that needs to be done You do not have any specific requirement here Any kind of instance will work for you This is where on spot instance comes into picture You just go there and you look for a nonsport Instance it is a little different from on-demand Instance Menu talk over there on sport Instance it does you get you to use what you get OK so the pricing here is not fixed There is bidding on this instance.

If you match that bird you’ll be given that instance at that bidding price Once you release that instance there could be a possibility that you might not get that instance at the same price Okay so these are the types of instances that we have from a pricing perspective So let us now go ahead and understand something else So let us talk about their applications Right So when you say a burst table instance Okay so a bust People instances I’ve already explained it is something that performs at optimal performance to start with But when you required to both start off its optimal performance it can do that for you as well EBS optimize not these are applications that I use for um optimal performance No, in this case, let’s talk about a messaging system right Suppose you want to deliver messages to people in larger volumes but at a consistent rate So you know that dory it is consistent.

You need a good performance constant performance But in lower William will also work for you so that it’s called leisure EBS Optimized Instance are these instances are used in those places dedicated We’ve already discussed that they are meant for a specific application to Let’s assume that I have highly secure data that I want to preserve and want to work on it in private Right So I can have dedicated resources which are not shared by anyone on getting the access to those resources Father Time duration I want to access them Cluster in a turkey now plus territory thing is something that basically classified the instances on a particular plaster performance Say for example I need a particular set of performance in a particular caste cluster of applications so I’ll be using that kind of an instant death say for example I might have an instance for backend operations and one for front and operations and both the instances are cluster or all the resources that are there in that Leicester.

They work similarly Okay Are partisan Miller cause so that is what you’re cluster network instances are So this was about Pete Curie off compute instances Let us weekly go ahead and log into our council And uh let’s see how do these instances work Okay because I’m gonna quickly go out and fight of my W s management console again It will ask me to sign in again That is the standard procedure it has each time you say no far away from little ask you to log in again So they always This is my um console So we’ve discussed this console a little less is go ahead and talk about the simple instances Now you can see there’s an instance that is up and running already I do not need this instance I’m gonna terminate it quickly So guys when you terminate an instance it is not available for you to use any further If you stop it the instance will be there But it would be in a stop state It wouldn’t be functioning You won’t be tied for this instance, OK But if you terminated it would be deleted community.

When you talk about a laborious easy to basically as I’ve already mentioned you can launch instances American launch watching machines here Right So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and launch a virtual machine and under standard from a perspective ever get to know almost all let things about it, Okay So let’s just quickly go ahead and do that So again I’m gonna come back to them and in part, it is setting under six instance of meanwhile just go ahead and launch one more instance And once we launch that instance I’ll be talking about at the point is as well ok North Korea about that So let’s violence and launch So that is when you try to launch an instance you get quite a few options here So when I say options that are options to choose from the type of virtual machine that you want to not so what you see on the top of the screen is it say’s choose an Amazon image right Amazon machine image So that means you’re given a choice to pick a particular Amazon machine.

Your instance of a virtual machine is nothing but a machine right So when it says choose and immense that means images nothing but are here I am nothing But it is a template instance or a washing machine that AWS has created of its has some configured our pre-configured values with it Okay so you can actually go ahead and launch that particular instance or that am I and it will have a set-off values Our principles are very success attached to it You can actually go out and also create a custom ear mites But that is a complex process Let’s not do that What you can also do is once you create any Emma you can take you can make a copy African save it with you so that actually when you actually want to go ahead and launch a similar instance we can do that as well Okay so the sweater work the instances, in general, the amazing gentle less is guarded Launch one of these instances and see how it works.

That’s cruel You can see that their types of I have Lenexa instances Like I have my redhead instance Susie and I have been to um it seems that you can actually try Or Calamba as a lambda as we discussed is a serverless computing service that AWS has to offer to you Um you can launch your Microsoft server instance as well So guys what You know tears See it’s written Frito visible balut Right So these are the instances that are available to you free of cost You are not supposed to be for them Even if you release along with these instances not all these instances are free of course If it’s cruel and you see these deep learning am eyed now these are something that not free for you Why Because um actually these are something that comes with higher configuration And that is where you’re charged for these instances So the minimum size of instances something that you can launch under your free Pierre account that you have Okay But this again is a three-tier instance you see here.

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