How variables are automatically assigned data types by values?

Inviting data type is assigned when you assigned a value to the variable So basically if you want to assign over you But I suppose you want to have a really a bit in the night so you’ll if you want Oh you sat supposed Asia goes to you want that It will be an NVIDIA So in other than what you need to write that is there even is that in the jury Give it but for fighting What do you need to do You just like to write Available And Devon it will automatically feed that type of the variable Right So this is why we say that fighting is very flexible right You don’t need to remind so many Finn tax you don’t need to go for so many are complete spark You exit you up if you are good right.

If you want to use the street what do you need to look You need to write the valuable news suppose here I see is over Stop your data right in between a coma Get so this is how you can write a stream Okay Your fight and will take that even as a stream valuable Right So a doozy Oh Pichon you don’t need to lose any syntax for your very of it If you want to put up a particular data days you don’t need to write a need Sign off what You need to just pass you they don’t know the video on after a place initializing your video But if you want to see what type of variable you have initialized So we have a tie function You see that right If you want to see what Idaho variable I have supposed wants to find right I want to see what type of a variable it is right.

What we will do we will just I function We need to write die on then to pass our reliable means Suppose for it is indeed a or B It is float on for seeing this stream right This is how we can use by competed lives on we can check one type of variable I have What is my database for the big left video Okay now ever see some basic syntax What Pichon Street So if you want to go over the designs for me if you want to do some project in the bike and you need to have a very strong oh hands-on oil A stream how you get man awful history How you can initialize a stream How you guys are slices street right We will see all of nothing in the court file as well First I will show you in theory how evil do all this operation in ST Music Banker Suppose I write a pita That is our variable data is more valuable.

Name is opened to hallow Welcome Don’t crave lining Okay so Hello Welcome to read Learning will be right Vita And if we want to bring that what we will go with right big on day little past beetle Right And we will give the output Hello Welcome toe Friedland This is how you get initialized us in the light street Okay Suppose you have a multi-lines Do you have a paragraph Right So in that time we need to use three Come get very used Welcome to brake lining Then I use a coma So if you use a scene comes on board Then put the places that it will not big as steam Okay so be sure be just too reminding your like just to remind that then we use my feline stream Use three cars Great.

What I did I use data on then I was three-string then I right We’ll come to create Lonnie on into the station with disposable fighting Project What Beginners I want to bring this my delight extreme beat up Okay on after that more dating I just break the bigger So I got welcome to bridge I into a decision with indispensable by the project What bigness now saw How can you eat it A stream they still dating a stream is simply the way you treat our end Drake So basically do it Read a stream we use foreign.

In here we use for I the index It will run through in range the link of the day that we have So if you want to see what length of the street you have to use Indian function right You don’t need to write up from from the splash to He lived on the data so live on the Dita Okay they will get the leadoff The leader supposed my guess it will deal one to report off it So suppose my kids take time Okay to your range Will day CEO looking Yes So now you want to create the each of every element of your stream Right So I used data on the in the bracket I mentioned up index number that this your eye that led to it So first I get each e u at the camping right The blue year CEO Amy And in countries, this is how you can get it through your strings It’s just normal Like any you the way you at you did it.

Now it’s How can you slide is your street if you want to slice nothing Street helping do that So basically what Start before start with this A stream Syfy So let me just introduce wanting in ST sizing me Start our index from zero, not from the one So this system means you I told in mind when you start slicing your stream on we’ll put the aid index for the stream It will war before that Suppose we before it would still three right So what we need to do if we need to slice Australian we need to pass some valuable him So here my really believe this to be right in the bracket the square Break it I use one So I want my second from the secondary Big toe till four Right before matter between Go till three they So why through tweets So we have he is and so ages each age indexes look indexes What Ellen this is so generally it’s a three on this for So we go there tree So I get an email as a life If you want to go find me big indexing or do you do the negative in Dixon starts with minus one.

I am What world So fast you I just want from minus six to minus one Do we think the blue I am being so we can supplies your street £2 different exit on Tony video indexing Ask that So it’s up on your holiday Oneto It’s life your stream So if you want Oh see the lived on the street again We use Lian function to see our What is the lived off our streets Right So for my street it’s during this party Okay so let’s see what Despite all this I don’t know even see some of the predefined classes We have a bike so more disease So fighting leaves for why that can size be you create use which is the owner is changeable Okay.

Basically, I can be instant something where you are If you have of a large amount of data that you got to use video right for real you can just throw one B But if you have apple orange or banana all the fruit so much faulty fuel one if you have And if you want to store the how can you stoop You must lease on Liston pain Start duplicating You have a heating element in your deduct You quit Couldn’t be that as these elements can be fish you that gives the index number together index number for loose Also start from zero Right.

If you want to fade some particularly way But people are data from your list You guys do that using these index on please can know insisted so least contains knowledge So if you have any knowledge limiting your data this week standing back okay on this index weather lose this that bracket square bracket I do like your vita writing that wherever get the fighting will understand you initialize otherness You will see in the court as well How actually practically we do that right now we will see that how you get initialize Elice get initializing Eustis You need to write the list Me for my guess It is food He has buried right that square bracket on dupe us one data for my guests Apple leaching mango banana I change These are my Peter So I want to put them in the least toe store.

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