Sonam Kapoor wishes Arjun Kapoor a unique birthday by sharing childhood pictures

As we all know that recently, Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has celebrated his 37th birthday in a very good way with everyone today, 26 June 2022. On this special occasion of his birthday, all the fans and actors have wished him a lot on this special occasion. And let us tell you in a different way, Sonam Kapoor, sister of Arjun Kapoor and a famous Bollywood actress, has also wished her brother a birthday in a very special way. Let us tell you that on this special occasion of Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor has shared many beautiful pictures on her official Instagram account and has wished her well on her birthday.

Let us tell you that on this very special occasion of her birthday, Sonam Kapoor collected all her pictures, whether it was from her wedding, reception and vacation to every single happy moment spent with her brother Arjun Kapoor. One glimpse has been shared with everyone through pictures.

Let us tell you that one of these pictures is such that both of them are seen sitting together, in this picture we are able to see that Arjun Kapoor is sitting with his 15-day-old elder sister Sonam Kapoor and this The picture is of their childhood, in which both of them are seen captivating the hearts of all their fans with their innocence. Let us tell you that while sharing many more such pictures on the special occasion of Arjun Kapoor’s birthday, Sonam Kapoor has wished her brother in a different way and also wrote a special note for him. Is.

Let us tell you that while sharing the caption of these pictures, Sonam writes that, “Happy Happy Birthday Arjun. What’s more, she says that there is only a difference of 15 days in our birthdays, so we have grown up hand in hand from childhood to youth. Love you my brother, and God bless you get everything you deserve.

Recently, on the birthday of her brother Arjun Kapoor, we can easily guess from the picture that Sonam Kapoor has shared on her official Instagram account that from childhood to youth, Sonam Kapoor and her Brother Arjun’s both have come together sharing a very good and strong bond with each other.

We can very well see that all the pictures shared by Sonam Kapoor so far are clearly visible to us, showing a very beautiful bonding between these two siblings. Let us tell you that on all the pictures that Sonam Kapoor has posted on her Instagram on Arjun Kapoor’s birthday, her fans are seen robbing us of love openly and at the same time they are also showing love to the actor. He is also seen giving a lot of birthday wishes.

Let us tell you that these days Arjun Kapoor along with his ladylove Malaika Arora is seen celebrating his birthday in a different and special way on Paris. On the other hand, Malaika Arora is also seen sharing many romantic vacation pictures with Arjun Kapoor on her social media with her fans, which is absolutely no treat for her fans at this time. Not less either.

Sonam Kapoor wishes Arjun Kapoor a unique birthday by sharing childhood pictures

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