What are the core terminologies of AWS?

What you’re doing are all the logs that you have right So those locks get Toby or need to be stored some variety of configuration deviants Those get storing Yes three-bucket again That is where a copy of it is maintained And you can track it using your jobless conflict service Basically contending notifications to people using us in the services So the source of our tolerate of this conflict works right on a surface level It is a monitoring and management tool that we have on our plate.

Let’s start understanding the stool a little right Let’s see What are the core terminology is that it has now you have jobless resources that it monitors to start with So when you say aws resources we are talking about resources that can be tracked Let’s assume you’re talking about any Cito instance that you’re trying to track right What happens when instances stopped How does it work All those things like how do I get the tracking details and all those things Basically those details would come Or you can track those using AWS conflict configuration items and snap shops configuration items on nothing but the data that the configurations that degenerate rate that locks on all those things we will be having those.

What snapshots mean is you can actually make a copy off it for your reference later on if you wish to store it Okay but his source relationship Now when you’re talking about all these resources they’re connected to it’ll You can even study their relationships as in what is happening Red Is this data coming from in all those things And then you have your configuration stream and configuration recorder Configuration stream is nothing But you would be receiving daytime matches right in patches So these patterns are real Batches have nothing with your streams in which you receive your data And then you have the configuration recorded as well something that lets your record this information that you’re receiving in the form of steam.

These are some of the uh the mineralogy is that fallen Buried a bliss conflict And this is what AWS conflict is all about Let us go ahead and take a look at a simpler demo that we can put forth that the more that is there in our hands.

Let us quickly sign into the AWS management console as we always do to get our demo in place So that is um when you actually try and get into the concert the first thing that we’re doing now is launched Any single instance of something that we’ve been tracking right for that A lot to sign in First root user on a day where I should be able to sign in successfully Okay So now the next step is to actually go ahead that laundry Civil service Okay this should be nice And let me launch an instance Be it any instance should not be important but I’m gonna launch windows Instance I always launch Windows Instances I have a thing for them You in simple words Those are easier to manage to Compare toe other instances That is why I always launch my windows instances Um if you talk about your early next instances.

You’re the next instances Basically what they do is you have to sign in to it through and this is much more off Sign up right You have 200 footage in Putting these in detail is something that you have to use and using that you have a gender Your key can what We are fighting to some other key and that is a tedious process The other thing that you have to do is you have to actually go ahead and um basically signing but using your common front So why not use a July interface instead Right That is what I mean that instant Now all of these pointers have been discussed with the people earlier as well So I’m not gonna uh elaborate on these things You know by know how to create an insensible that Mrs. Guard and say them dirty to one.

Let’s download the Keeper maimed or Tito One is downloaded for us And let’s just now say Long Sanusi Two instance So it will take a couple of minutes for me to get this instance in place Let it get launched first up Once that is done then we’ll move forward The reason I want this instance to be a pen running this no sooner It is a pendant in We are gonna uh stop this instance because I want to monitor its log Want to monitor some of the data that comes with it normally takes like 15 to 20 minutes for this data to reflect Right So let’s go ahead and let this instance launch first so we can stop it like right away There you go You see one instance in progress being developed I like it It’s always wise to let these initial checks happen You see it’s initializing for now.

Once this initialization is done we can move for the Okay Okay So the status takes a complete Let us go hair down Let’s not do anything Just when we have to enable monitoring See Yes my writing anybody and I think that we do is we stop This instance is this stops neighbor So this isn’t place now Now let us go back and see Have less convict So the name is changed now they qualitatively app Kontic Dynamic application configuration management You can create management safely deploy application configuration data to your targets Runtime You know the name has intense Probably we were into the wrong service that I wondered where did we get all this deployment and all those things coming and right.

That is not a continent some monitoring tool We do not really redeployment ship So if I click here you’ll see settings rules and reviews Right So in settings regard all that is so assists supported in this region include global resources as well Okay select types For what We create a bucket here Okay so we’ll have to create a new bucket guy Right So once we create a bucket that this is where all our configuration details would be store So I say stream configuration to induce and notifications to my Amazon SNS topic Create a topic Please do that convict a pickle It’d be the name So guys basically whatever changes that happen your configuration data would be stored here in this bucket that is there s three-bucket Este bucket as we know are an object bucket kind off storage where your data eyes in the former for objects And the container that holds is your bucket Um topic So when you say a sentence it is You are simple notification service.

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