What is Quicken Missing Intercept?

I’ll get different lines This is someone and see one This is M 22 this entry and see three other different lines Each line has its own MNC but not all lines of good lines So if I have this line for example this is everyone If I take the little one l one is made off M one c one I see that many of the data points are away from everyone onboard the sights So the other even is very high If I take say the next one l two I like all this Anto I call this cell too I see that end too has its own slope its own Call this in Quicken Missing intercept.

It also does a lot of others But not as much as even Neto I tried various lines Then I come to L B if best fit Best freak line is this which has its own m Miss frit see best fit on e best fit on off all these mirrors This will be the least e best fit will be the least Now the question is by changing my m and C but just a small minute amount I’ll get a differently So there are infinite lines possible which you will have to evaluate Order the infinite lines here to find the best fit Brute force will not work here You can’t use brute force.

You don’t know if I’m actually trying all this gives its informant across the history I’m coming to that Okay so in stuff looking at this mathematical space I can actually look at another matter particles which is related to this That mathematical spaces between him and see on this dimension is it where other means some off all the areas put together Okay In the linear regression this uterus calculated ass Why hat that its predictive value of oi minus white actuals Okay raise to power Too diverted.

But in in just a number of data points Isaac we wantto end we call it square there some off squarely interests Some Miss Sigma squaring Data’s so the better done by mortal is nothing but a sum of squared errors And this number of data points you have isn’t this formal Awful variants So it it’s nothing Barbadians how data points very scattered across the best foot line The less of the variance more reliable the center value us The less of the variance off the points across the mortal the better the moralists Same concept comes to you in a differently So some of school heiresses Nothing with various variants off the data points across the morning.

I want to find that mortem where the variance of the data points across the model is the least feelings music Cool And you say they have more money Is that it Is dependent clauses Hot insulation Diggory Okay great I feel awful but it can be radius from the neighbors are just waiting Which way Okay she’s dating someone Anything that you have It is thinking which is nothing.

If you’re blocking the way I don’t I’ll take your question on Just hold on a minute I don’t think the question here written 1.90 extender division sent in this side The data points might still have noise in them which causes spread across the model You’re talking about the old class which is lying 1.9 600 Division greater So by removing that yes you’re cleaning the data But between the 1.9 600 division still you have noise.

That noise will appears scattered around the mornings LaPierre’s variants around the model way Anybody with for once in your life Actually no You have asked a very very important question which I will just answer this because this is a very important question which will be helpful down the line Just hold on a minute I landed first Okay Now if I take any access any variable X it has a spread Okay this bread variance particle villians Marion’s There are two types of variances One is called stochastic variants which means nothing but probably stick variants The other one is called deterministic variants which means we’re rings That happens for reasons.

I know why that ratings happens Okay that is called deterministic But wearing is also happens in your data set for reasons that I don’t know We call them noise Okay that is gonna noise All right No If I have a plot like verse Alina model on have distribution of the data points around verse Okay for a given Big for a given value of X Now look at this actual value Is this in your data See But the model is saying it is this similarly there’s another actual value Which is this Why is this variant suckering I don’t know I don’t know why that radiance is coming This is called.

I don’t want to use the words right now Abuse it down the line This variance that you see for a given value fix your multiple values of why but they’re very close But still there is evidence in them that we’re NCIS called stochastic noise Okay for giving the love eggs the fact that value if I spread around its central bar this is deterministic We know that there’s going to be this way All right so many address the out liars outline is something which is lying to stand Two divisions away or 1.96 tank division of E You’re addressing the outline Okay but you’re not addressing the random variance with the existing.

The data points Britain leave 1.96 and divisions those will cost A scatter of the data points across the morning line actually is a black data points between the actuals and line There’s a gap That gap is my stochastic I’m no unexplained evidence I don’t know why you temples Yeah in that Julian deterministic is I already know my y bar has despaired and my access desperate This spread is on civilians I already know it has the spirit I know it will be like this only I have no reason for worrying about that What Entering a borders forgiven believe ex wire the multiple values of way That’s so That is a lot of noise Is it because of lack of the wind expertise Nothing through your experience in a way No one on the right Okay maybe When way have.

I needed that this dance is this way When the vendor different variables actually interact with teacher of the school in ality Nor did I said you can uh you can have trouble with this noise That can happen The noise may get cancelled Don’t or the noise may get magnified Wait You mean like like I don’t know what this place That’s what I’m going towards Okay so I have different combination off M and C So I moved away from my original mathematical space into another mathematical space where the dimensions are the different slopes and different intersects different lines.

Okay each line gives us summit of the former love of this terrorist is some off school letters which is nothing good variance across the line man Every other square terms This is called quadratic equation In mathematics all quadratic equations they have property The properties called They’re convicts functions convex functions means venue Plot them when implored them against their independent variables MNC.

They will always acquire a bowl ship three dimensional bowl Such functions which acquired this kind of a shape a bold shape in the three dimensions Such functions are called convicts functions they’re guaranteed tohave One absolute minimal parable extractions one absolute minimum So for some combination off MNC I’ll get the least ever that combination off MNC which gives me the least error is my best fit Like so they’ll Gautam will start from some random MNC So maybe This is the random MNC This is my random am and this is Miranda Massie.

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