Why every machine learning model is unique?

Every model will have its own featureless strike Now a C model M one might have five features while ist immortal m two might have n features if I have purchased a mortal M one than I should be able to do on Lee those five features while if I have taken him to I can operate on 10 preachers All those things are taken care even at them awhile uplevel wherein you will be shown features As for your model.

This is score usually the skull feature product mapping and ah in your back and as well as in the old friend And wherever you’re showing it to customers you have to do this mapping so that you’re not chewing any unwanted information Now if I have mone it will show me those five options These five options could be a simple Estonia racy on aura reduce the temperature and soon all this is not a city of more I’m talking about a mobile app in a sea remote Also I would have the same things But when I’m using the remote I’m using this near field communication I’m directly talking toa easy.

When I’m using my mobile app I am not directly talking to a C I don’t have a way to directly talk to Izzie and I owned every limitation in himself How much proximity I should be in tow Have that communication We’re using them over a remote You have to be in certain proximity But if you’re using them a while for you don’t have that imitation Why Because your mobile is never talking to your air conditioner directly This is not how this stalking your um a while is always stalking toe a cloud solution which even before it goes to up service called hired it will have some other.

Going to a germ a while would be sending this Come on So your mobile Ellis truck into a service riches and talking to oh I ot and I only when we say I o p two device connection it supports It doesn’t only support device to cloud communication It also supports cloud todos communication which is called sea duty So when you’re tired he receives a command saying that I need you saying that Come on Done on the device I have done it will saying that command over here Now how does it work The moment there is um So ah in your device they would be using any provided that you’re using.

There would be a sticker that it is coming up So in that s decay You can actually um say if I receive command with the name turn on then this is what you have to do So anyway for your remote you would have return Whoever has ah ah is a manufacturer of they see they would have that c chord somewhere sitting which will say it from the remote You get this command and do this from the cloud Also you will have a line of the world which will receive the commands received The message is coming from the cloud and there you will have a check If the common name is turned on then do this boat Whether you’re getting it from a vial or cloud both of them are doing exactly same thing But this communication is enabled through the cloud to a device which any higher resolution whether a jury of Louis or even.

If you build on your own device to cloud and cloud device complication are two things that which is called bi-directional communication that ah your service will provide a capability off Does that answer your question Yes Conditions should be always connected with the Internet with a wife a year So that’s what I’m saying If you talk about any smart eh see once you turn it on you will see and on the men will The steps are returned for turning it connecting into wife And another thing if it is not connected to a WiFi you look at your move my lap it will pay you It’s awful And it’s not only for days even for printers Right The smart printer sandal You will see that all normal while device.

If you go to that tap it will say it is offline right now So the meaning off Linus it is right now not connected And how does it get detective deniability have I’ll show you so for example if I go back to the A I ot of I already happened I oldest Wilson are the Same idea is a part off fiery solution So I already have his essential leader service offered by Azure which is ah Which is a guy who can connect all the devices It is your interface for device communication but I already have a solution Will have lot many more components It will have one idea but will ever even double can have a service Worse it will have a p A service is a notification.

Service is it will be mixed off Lord of Service is But yeah it will definitely have our idea because this is a guy who actually talks to the device Basically I already hub Um take the information and do the analysis and then show the cooperation No no no no no I already have on Lee Takes the information all it takes Information Yahoo And listen Yeah who doesn’t Delicious Yeah for analysis You have to use another service is so Ah that’s short For example if I come back here right this is a device This is irony huh.

I think of an idea is a good people No you’re an I out of is getting the message after getting the irony of it Does not have any of its computer wearing you can do analysis or even write code to do the analysis No it does not have any testing on Lee Thing it has is it says you know I can talk to this guy and then you tell me where you want me to deliver this message by default I have even come to which I can send this message.

If you want it to be delivered somewhere else tell me I will drop your message there That’s where my responsibility and I have I did not open your message I don’t know what to do this with this message I’m simply delivering your package to your desired location So this location could be an even though it could be a service rescue it would be a sad business Stop it But this is also not analytic service This is again a messaging service Even though it is a place where you’re gonna have messages sarees less is a place where then you can have messages in front off.

This is where you can have your analytics going on So from even have you can put your messages into a big data story you can put it in a blow You can put it an idealist And on top of that you can run your analytics by using lights data bricks and that your data bricks are running analysis every one sinner day kind off scenario So all you can ever look Lester or you can have a spark because this is a streaming um ah solution Right.

In this park, you can have your extreme analytic Cecil so you can have a spark Lester which is doing the analytics for you But analytics is happening somewhere here Idea is only responsible for establishing this communication and then moving that message to you in your event of or a service bus So let’s say I take an example off temperature control in a car this device on the left-hand child before isa device Ah which senses that there is a temperature increase This will forward this in this well anyway forward information toe irony Hub already huh Um Irby helps senses that there is Ah There isn’t time even know I I already have doesn’t already have does not sense even help senses that there is a no even have also had just a message This guy whether it is a spark or data bricks is that I who will send all the stream analytics you end up is also think off You went as a cue off messages Think off service as a cue off messages even does not open your message.

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