Latest Entertainment Bollywood News June 2024

Latest Entertainment Bollywood News June 2024

“I Was Taken Aback” is how Sanjeeda Shaikh responded to being inappropriately touched by a woman 

The actress Sanjeeda Shaikh from Heeramandi never hesitates to talk about her personal and professional struggles. The celebrity recently talked about an encounter at a nightclub where a woman groped her improperly. Sanjeeda stated, “I remember one incident very vaguely but it was by a woman,” in a conversation with Hauterrfly. In a nightclub, I was. A woman walked by, caressed my br**st, and then turned away. I was quite shocked by what had just transpired. We hear males mistreat you and slap you on the back; ladies are just as human as men. 

“If you are headed in the wrong direction, you are going in that direction regardless,” Sanjeeda Shaikh went on. Whatever is wrong is bad, whether of men or women. Inform a woman if you feel she has harmed you. Because it bothers me so much to play the victim card.  

Actor Aamir Ali’s ex-wife Sanjeeda Shaikh discussed her divorce from him in the same interview. She stated, “There are men and partners who try to demotivate you and tell you that you can’t do anything,” without naming him. Or else they’ll tell you that you can’t accomplish this. Staying away from such folks is preferable. Every relationship has joyful times and bad times. When those times come, you have to take a stand for your life. That’s what I did for myself because I began to love and prioritize myself, which is something that is extremely, extremely important. 

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have survived all that occurred to me. Perhaps I was so miserable at the time, or I was just really unhappy, or I was thinking, “What is going on with me, what is happening with my life?” But I am privileged to be able to go past all of that and be content with this version of myself,” Sanjeeda Shaikh continued.  

In 2012, Sanjeeda Shaikh and Aamir Ali tied the knot. In 2021, they made the decision to separate. Ayra Ali, the couple’s daughter, is also shared.  

“Happy Birthday, My Beautiful Aunty,” wishes Disha Patani to Ayesha Shroff, the mother of Tiger Shroff. 

Delhi, New: For Ayesha and Jackie Shroff, it’s a double celebration. Together with Ayesha’s birthday, they are commemorating their 47 years of marriage today. On this special day, Ayesha Shroff received the cutest wish from Disha Patani, who was formerly rumored to be dating Tiger Shroff. On her Instagram account, Disha posted a picture of Ayesha Shroff in the sun with the caption, “Happy Birthday, my beautiful aunty, love you.” Despite reports that she broke up with Tiger, Disha gets along well with his mother Ayesha Shroff and sister Krishana Shroff. 

Earlier, Krishna Shroff discussed her equation with Disha in an interview with Siddharth Kannan. “Disha is a very hardworking girl, very like-minded,” she remarked. I admire that she has built a huge name for herself and doesn’t come from a famous family. She is responsible, independent, and mature for her age; she manages her own home. She and I attempt to encourage one another in a time when women are eager to put one another down.” 

Even though Tiger Shroff and Disha never acknowledged their relationship in public, there were rumors that they were dating. In a Koffee With Karan episode, Tiger referred to himself as “single.” Tiger discussed his dating status with Times Now during the Bade Miyan Chote Miyan promotions. When someone asked Tiger, “Are you single? “Meri ek hi Disha hai life mein,” the Bade Miyan Chote Miyan actor said in a funny way. “Aapki Zindagi kis Disha me ja rahi hai? (In which direction is your life heading).” There is just one Disha in my life, haan, aur wo hai mera kaam. Indeed, and I work on that. I think I got you there, Sir.” 

Disha Patani was last saw with Sidharth Malhotra in Yodha.  

Go viral: Malti Marie, Priyanka Chopra’s adorable daughter, stole the show in her vanity fan 

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra is filming her next movie, The Bluff, in Australia right now. Malti Marie, her two-year-old daughter, went with her. Malti Marie takes pleasure in spending time in her mother’s makeup area when the actress is occupied on set. Priyanka posted a number of pictures of the young child having a good time on set to social media. The young child can be seen drawing on a dummy that is set up in front of her on the dressing table in the first picture. With a laughing emoji, Priyanka wrote, “When MM is in the HMU trailer,” as the description. 

Malti Marie can be seen intently inspecting a hairbrush in the second picture. In another photo, she’s sitting on Priyanka’s make-up room floor, playing with a rope. She posted the images to Instagram with the caption, “Practicing her sailing knots.” As Malti plays with the dummy in the final picture, Priyanka spends some quality time with her and writes, “I think ‘Diane’ is coming home with us.” 

She started the filming of her movie on Friday. On Instagram, the actress informed her fans and followers of the update. A screengrab of Priyanka Chopra’s script was posted on her Instagram story. “It begins…,” she wrote as the caption for the photo, which showed the word “Om” on the script. The actress posted a reel on social media last week that showed her journey to Australia. 

A beautiful view from her airplane window and a picture of her daughter Malti Marie at the airport are shown in the movie. Later shots feature Priyanka wearing a stylish outfit. The young child may also be seen reclining in her mother’s arms in the video. The actress captioned the video, writing, “Touchdown…The Bluff.” with the ultimate travel companion. 

Regarding her career, Priyanka Chopra just finished filming her next movie, Heads of State. Ilya Naishuller is the director of the movie. In significant roles are Idris Elba, John Cena, and Jack Quaid. The Bluff will also feature the actress. Frank E. Flowers is the director of the movie. She also declared her partnership with Born Hungry, the production company of Barry Avrich’s next feature documentary.

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